Molly Goddard: Presentation Skills

Molly Goddard AW15

Presentation is a word that has taken fashion weeks across the world by storm. The idea of creating an entire world in a singular room, combining clothes with sculpture and developing a thoughtful concept is something that feels altogether more modern than all of those boring runway shows, crammed together in a chock-a-block schedule.

Think about it: curated details over heavily styled runway looks; an open audience rather than a hierarchical seating structure; slow contemplation and the ability to really look instead of those speedy, angular models rushing to get into their next outfit and on to their next show. The age of the presentation has truly begun.

Nobody did it better than Molly Goddard: who else could turn such a middle-class wet dream of bohemia into something so enchanting, so beautiful? Goddard gave us a nostalgic vision of pre-nine grand tuition fee art school – the days of unbridled creativity, when bright young things could afford to be hungover in last night’s frothy tulle and not care about getting it covered in charcoal. At least that’s what we’d like to think…

The truth is that Molly’s presentation came from the heart – it was her friends who modelled the clothes, her sister Alice who styled it and her mother Sarah who helped with the set design. The result was something inspiring and authentic that combined Lolita-like sweetness with an overwhelming sense of feminist pride. These girls aren’t just posh and arty – they’re comfortable and unapologetically in control of their saccharine femininity. That, and it all just seems so much more modern than those clinical parades, don’t you think?

You heard it here first: welcome to the age of the presentation.

Photo: Philip Trengove / Dazed Digital